Western attitudes to Qatar hosting the World Cup

My interview on Aljazeera Balkans broadcast on 27/11/2022 Interview starts at 4 minutes. https://youtu.be/-ReIzLOKgS8

Truss’s UN speech and her promise to consider moving the British Embassy to Jerusalem

First published by Middle East Monitor on 22/9/2022 British Prime Minister Liz Truss departs 10 Downing Street for the House of Commons to announce her government's plan to cap household energy bills and provide subsidies for small and medium-sized businesses to ease the cost of living crisis amid soaring gas and electricity prices in London, …

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Israel-Palestine: Anti-boycott bill threatens British democracy

First published by the Middle East Eye on 16/5/2022 As outlined in the Queen's Speech, Conservatives are set to bring forward legislation to ban public bodies from participating in BDS campaigns A flag flutters at the Palace of Westminster in central London in October 2019 (AFP) The recent announcement in the Queen’s Speech on the government’s plan …

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Watch: Double standards and Russia Ukraine war

My contribution to Friday Night Live on Luton’s Inspire FM 4/3/2022 My contribution starts at minute 33. Please press the link to start the show https://www.facebook.com/inspirefmluton/videos/3170159346645785/

بريطانيا تعتزم تصنيف حركة حماس “تنظيما إرهابيا”.. مبرّرات الخطوة ورمزية توقيتها

سجلت الحلقةعلى التلفزيون العربي بتاريخ ١٩/١١/٢٠٢١ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV1JyrdsWEw

My speech to the People’s Assembly march

Manchester 3/10/2021 Friends, I bring you greetings from the Palestine Solidarity campaign. Other speakers articulated the Tories terrible policies that impact on the daily lives of the most vulnerable people here in Britain. But their terrible policies also impact on people’s lives thousands of miles away including the Palestinian people. I must remind you that …

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On secret Israeli arms sales to problematic regimes

I participated in Scope on Indus news on 3/7/2021 https://youtu.be/ems8zai9AhE

خمس سنوات مرت على استفتاء بريكسيت…فهل استعادت بريطانيا استقلالها أوروبياً؟

مشاركتي في برنامج وراء الحدث على قناة الغد بتاريخ ٢٣/٦/٢٠٢١ https://youtu.be/64QdRap1lpE

The Palestinian Fight for Justice: Why it matters and building solidarity within the trade unions and the Labour Party

An excellent panel hosted by Unite the Union in 2/6/2021 https://fb.watch/5UNtDzc4Kc/

احتجاجات بريستول تتوج قضايا بريطانيا العالقة

مشاركتي في برنامج المشهدية على قناة الميادين بتاريخ ٢٢/٣/٢٠٢١ https://youtu.be/yJX0Hr3bdI4