Palestine says relations with the UK at a low ebb after Boris Johnson letter to pro-Israel group

I was interviewed by RT UK for the 6 o’clock news on 16/4/2021

US Senate Bill on Arab-Israel Normalisation

I was interviewed in Scope on Indus News on 3/4/2021 My interview starts 23 minutes un

Interview: UNRWA Runs Out of Money

I joined Waqar Rizvi on Scope to discuss UNRWA’s financial difficulties on 28/11/2020 The interview starts 13 minutes into the programme

UAE, Israel normalize relations

I participated in Scope with Waqar Rizvi on 14/8/2020 to talk about the Israel UAE agreement

Watch: Israel to demolish historic Muslim cemetery in Yaffa

I was interviewed by Waqar Rizvi for Scope for Indus News on 10/7/2020

آخر التطورات في أمريكا بعد مقتل جورج فلويد

مشاركتي بتغطية خاصة على قناة الميادين بتاريخ ٩/٦/٢٠٢٠

Interview on formation of new Israeli government Day 2020

I was interviewed by Ejaz Haidar on INDUS Special, Indus News on Nakba Day15/5/2020 My contribution starts 36 minutes minutes

My interview about protests in tel Aviv against the Netanyahu-Gantz Deal

I wan interviewed on the News Wire programme on Indus News on 4/5/2020 My interview starts at 29 minutes

Pro-Palestine campaigners win decisive ruling

I was interviewed by RT on 30/4/2020 Press release here

Phil Murphy’s show on New Style Radio, Birmingham

My thanks to Phil Murphy for hosting me on 17/2/2020 to talk about the Middle East and the Palestinian injustice. I am told that New Style radio was the first community radio to be licensed in the UK and serves the AfroCaribbean community as well as broadcasting to the world. Introduction Remaining parts of …

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