Indus Special: Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu indicted with corruption charges

The item begins 22 minutes into the programme on Indus News recorded on 22/11/2019

Made in Israel?

Part of my contribution to RT news about the European Court of Justice ruling in labelling of illegal Israeli settlement goods On 12/11/2019

British author denied German literary award over support for Israel boycott

I was interviewed by RTUK on 19/9/2019

هجمة إسرائيل على حملات التضامن المؤيدة للمقاطعة وسحب الاستثمارات وفرض العقوبات BDS

مشاركتي في برنامج اضواء على الأحداث على قناة الحوار ١٧/٢/٢٠١٩ تبدأ المشاركة الدقيقة السادسة

Israel has done nothing to deserve normalisation with the Arab world

First published by the Middle East Eye on 12/11/2018 Growing normalisation has left Palestinians struggling to understand what happened to the Arab world’s support for the Palestinian cause   Our Arab brothers - as none of our leaders are women - have stabbed us in the front and the back, abandoning us politically while embracing …

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Israel approves over 1,000 settler units in West Bank

I was interviewed by Press TV on 22/8/2018

Labour complains to press regulator over wreath coverage

I was interviewed by RT UK on 21/8/2018

Syria’s air defense system confronts hostile target near Damascus

I was interviewed by Press TV on 11/8/2018

The Gaza Strip On the Brink

On the News Line. Broadcast by Press TV on 22/7/2018 Watch here

Debate on British Palestinians’ letter to the Guardian on their right to freedom of speech

I joined a debate on RT UK on this letter in the Guardian which I signed on 1/8/2018