The Palestinian issue is still the key to peace in the Middle East

Image from the Daily Telegraph

Israeli leaders would like us all to think that resolving the Palestinian injustice is now an issue that is past its sell by date. Nobody cares of a 47 year old occupation simply continues forever. They point to events in Syria, Libya and now Iraq and place these way above the Palestinian issue in importance. And of course there is Iran’s nuclear programme.

This is again a case of the ‘old will die and the young will forget’ syndrome that Zionists suffer from. Ben Gourion thought this but he was wrong. You only have to look at young Palestinians on campuses across the US and in Europe are leading the charge to educate about the conflict and to garner support for the BDS movement.

At the annual Herzliya conference, Israel’s Defence Minister Ya’alon reported that Israel successfully took peace talks off the agenda. Other reports claimed ‘a split on importance of Israeli-Palestinian conflict’ at the same conference.

Image from Haaretz

This is all wishful thinking. Resolving the conflict has been a priority for Palestinians, Israelis and advocates of both sides ever since it started. Other conflicts have come and gone including two Iraq wars and the focus has returned to the core issue after each. It continues to be a running sore that every now and then discharges some violence and raises the level of hatred between Israelis and Palestinians.

It continues to be an injustice that regularly demonstrates the double standard of the so called ‘International Community’. It is the West’s Achilles-heal when it talks about upholding values. Its blind support for Apartheid Israel as it oppresses and occupies another people raises questions about these values. The hypocrisy of the West is clear when it stands shoulder to shoulder with the aggressor rather than the victim. It stood with Olmert rather than the helpless Palestinians in Gaza after ‘Operation Cast Lead’.

Statements like those of Ya’alon above are designed to dampen Israelis’ anxiety levels but he and others are being dishonest to them. Making peace with the Palestinians us the only way to eradicate the anxiety of Israelis and finally give the Palestinians freedom and prosperity.

If Israeli leaders think they can push justice for Palestinians to the back of the World’s queue of issues, then the isolation their state will increasingly feel will shock them. Solidarity activists around the world are redoubling their efforts to isolate Apartheid Israel. Also importantly states around the World have seen for themselves what a rogue state Israel is and their patience with it is running out.

There is also the ICC! Next stop the ICC . There they will confess that justice for the Palestinians must be delivered. Then of course there would be genuine lasting peace in the Middle East.


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