When will Israelis get it? It’s the occupation stupid.


Here we are again. The blame for an incident, the taking of three Israelis reportedly teenagers in the West Bank, has once again been laid on the PalestinIans alone. Netanyahu holds PA President Abbas responsible because he says this took place in the West Bank. Considering Abbas’s commitment reiterated again recently, to joint security cooperation, this dies not make sense. Netanyahu has no evidence that the PA could have gone anything to prevent this and didn’t. In fact the PA’s security forces have reportedly thwarted a number of planned abductions if Israelis. Hamas is also responsible he claims.


Well, everyone is responsible for this incident except the real culprit, the occupation. Why are there illegal settlers in Palestine? It is because Israel chose to put them there in defiance of International Law. It put them there and then set up infrastructure, logistical and security to serve and protect them. In the process it has made the lives of Palestinians miserable. Settler roads, the Wall, checkpoints, land theft, house demolitions are some of the actions Israel takes on a daily basis that hardly endear it to the indigenous Palestinians. Add to that abductions, military courts, denial of access to farmland and recently the murder of two Palestinians on Nakba day and you have a snapshot of life for Palestinians. The takeover of the centre of Alkhalil (Hebron) by terrorist settlers and their protection by the IDF causes special misery to the city’s inhabitants.

Alkhalil (Hebron)

It does not have to be like this. Israel can choose to end this very quickly. But over 47 years it has chosen not to. Governments of different compositions have been united in their refusal to end the occupation. They have continue to build houses for Jews in Jewish only colonies and to build roads only for Jews. Even the most recent talks failed because Israel made it clear it would continue to build illegal settlements.


Guys, you either know it and deny it or you know it and accept there is a price to pay for it. It is the occupation stupid. End it or you should accept there will always be a price to pay for it. The Palestinians pay a price every day and it seems you will only end it when the price becomes high.


Updates from inside Hebron

Thousands of IDF thugs now in Hebron.

Good bye ‘Oslo’. No area A,B or C, just military occupation. Alkhalil, Hebron under siege. Palestinians need protection. http://t.co/PxkETtRZDk
















Update photos from Hebron 17/6/2014









Update 18/6/2014

A good reflection on ‘abductions’ by Avraham Borg

The Palestinians: A kidnapped society We are incapable of understanding the suffering of a society, its cry, and the future of an entire nation that has been kidnapped by us.

Update on 3/7/2014

Three Israelis and one Palestinian have lost their lives in the most recent round of violence. Israeli leaders, both political and religious, have engaged in a dangerous campaign of incitement, effectively demanding Palestinian blood and lots of it. Enlightened leaders are few and far between. Any escalation could unleash a battle between Palestinians and Israelis on an unprecedented scale. The difference to previous intifadas is the rise of settler violence. Heavily armed, unchecked and irresponsible men have developed an infrastructure of terror that could suddenly engulf the West Bank and Jerusalem in open warfare. They have the added assurance of impunity.

At a packed Palestine Solidarity meeting in the British Parliament tonight we reflected on the current round of violence and agreed that the real reason behind this is the occupation and Israel’s refusal to end it. Worrying day ahead for Palestinians as Israel continues its disgraceful and illegal campaign of collective punishment.

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