Anyone for another wall? Netanyahu sure is


Israelis should blame their leaders for walling them in. The latest ‘wall’ has been promised by the deluded and dangerous Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This would be, according to Haaretz’s Barak Ravid, a wall along ‘Israel’s Eastern Border’, from Eilat to the Golan.


This would follow the West Bank Wall and the Southern wall with Egypt.


It shouldn’t be lost on Netanyahu and Israelis that by declaring the wall on the eastern border to be along the current borders with Jordan and Syria it is announcing a one state between the river and the sea. Netanyahu does not distinguish between the internationally recognised border with Jordan and the occupation border , which includes the West Bank the Syrian Golan and It signals the death of the two state solution once and for all.

The other thing it does is signal to the World that Israel cannot live with and trust its neighbours. This is after 67 years of its imposition on the region on the land of the Palestinians. It has not made peace even with the Peoples of the states with which it signed peace treaties. Neither Egyptians nor Jordanians have made peace with the Israeli people.

Despite the Palestinian leadership agreeing to a state on only 22% of historic Palestine and the Arab states offering the ‘Arab Peace Initiative’, both amazing concessions to a belligerent occupying power, Israel still isn’t satisfied. It still claims the whole if the land between the river if the sea and contends the lands it illegally occupies as ‘disputed’.


Israeli leaders have failed their people. They have continually deluded them into believing they can achieve a ‘peaceful occupation’ because of their superior power, but that will joy bring peace and they will live in a perpetual state of insecurity. They have failed to explain to them that peace only comes from an acknowledgement of the wrong committed in 1948 and in returning occupied land to its rightful owners. An acceptance of the Arab Peace Plan and its sincere implementation would bring peace yo this troubled land.


Instead of tearing down walls and perusing genuine peace, Israeli leaders promise more. The more walks they build the more they isolate the state and the people. The more they refuse to right the wrong, the more the World will isolate them.


It seems when Netanyahu promises more walls, Israelis say how high? They will have to live with the isolation and BDS. It us a democracy after all, isn’t it!

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