David Cameron is out of step with the British People on Israel

20140711-221813-80293098.jpg I wish British Prime Minister, David Cameron had joined the demonstrations in London or Birmingham on 11/7/2024. An estimated 10,000 protested outside the Israeli Embassy in London and a further 3,000 completely blocked the second city, Birmingham’s centre. Both protests were called at short notice. I attended the Birmingham protest. You could feel the anger among the protesters. They were asking how Israel can get away with killing Palestinians with such impunity?

20140711-222147-80507149.jpg My answer is simple. The so called ‘International Community’ allows it. There is no shortage of Western leaders who have come out in full support of Israel’s war on the Palestinian people. This is especially so when you consider President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron’s repeating of the nauseating claim that Israel is exercising its right to self defence. The blame is always placed squarely on the Palestinian side. If futile talks fail, it is because Abbas formed a Government of National Agreement ‘backed by’ Hamas. If Israel bombs Gaza it is because of the rockets.

If Cameron had come down to talk to the protesters they would have told him that the reason for the continued problems is the occupation. Israel has been allowed to continue to occupy and build on Palestinian lands with no sanctions. It has been allowed to bomb, maim and kill in the name of self defence. It believes it can and does. If Mr Cameron can put aside the worry about losing precious party funding from pro Israelis, he would surely be on the side of the occupied and not the occupier. I do not absolve the Labour party from blame either, for Ed Miliband also staunchly supports Israel. What the demonstrations show is that the British public are on the side of justice and the Palestinians.

Prime Minister, Come down to the London demonstration on the 19th and speak to the people. It is never too late to learn. Photos from Birmingham protest 11/7/2014






Updated 16/7/2014

The number of dead Palestinians in Gaza surpassed 210. Today also saw the murder of four children 9-11 years old playing on Gaza’s beach.



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