So what has the attack on Gaza got to do with three dead settlers near Hebron?


This is a legitimate question to ask. The current crisis began with the abduction and then killing of three settlers who were taken in the West Bank. So why are over 400 people (and rising) dead in Gaza?

The answer is there is absolutely no connection. This makes Israel’s attack on Gaza a war of aggression. The number of civilian casualties, over 400 at the time of writing, including 60 from one attack on Shujaia neighbourhood of East Gaza an act of state terror.

Image from @endanolan

Zionists claim it is all to do with the rockets launched from Gaza. I tackled this issue here.

The rockets stopped in 2009 and then in 2012 but Israel failed to turn this into a serious attempt to end the occupation. This is the heart of the problem. Again, I wrote about this here.

Pro Israelis have been out in force in the media claiming that if only the rockets would stop, Israel would end its attacks. They claim that no country would accept rockets raining in on its citizens. But they don’t acknowledge that no people on earth would accept a 47 year occupation. They have refused to acknowledge the root cause of the problem. They have also applauded Israel’s killing campaign on civilians in Gaza, refusing to even consider it ‘disproportionate’. They have not been moved by endless images and testimonies of casualties of mainly women and children.

The killing of the Baker boys in Gaza’s beach

Any one who knows Gaza will know that every house is probably home to ten people. They know that children would be a high proportion of the residents. But pro Israel supporters have shown no humanity in even asking questions of the state they support as to why there are so many children amongst the dead. Even the sight of the 3 Baker boys, cut down on Gaza’s beach did not move feelings of humanity in them.

This heartless hatred for Palestinians is at the heart of Zionism, Israel and must unfortunately, Israeli society. The total disregard for the most basic human rights of Palestinian children and the constant spewing out of Hasbara, blindly, reflects badly on all three.

The World has allowed extremism to develop in Israel. I contend that this has helped create a monster. A terrorist state that has no morals or decency. Strong words I know, but judge Israel by its deeds. Every time it has a choice between pursuing a just solution or violence, it chooses violence.

They lost their mother in the terrorist Israeli attack on Shujaia

I have tweeted repeatedly over the past few days asking the IDF which of the Palestinians killed in Gaza was responsible for the abduction of the three settlers? In the absence of an answer from them, it is safe to conclude that it is non of them.

Even the two supposed abductors and killers of the three settlers have not been caught. In fact Israel has offered no evidence that it was they that carried this out. It has offered no evidence that Hamas was behind it, but it has rounded up hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank and attacked Gaza, triggering a response through rocket attacks by Hamas and other factions, in self defence.

I believe I have argued that none of those casualties in Gaza were responsible for killing the dead settlers. The rockets have been fired out of Gaza in response to Israel’s terror. Therefore it is simply Israel’s hatred for the Palestinians and its wish to drive them out of historic Palestine that drive its current terror campaign both in Gaza and the West Bank.

The West’s support for Israel is complicity in war crimes and crimes against humanity. They have helped create a monster, racist state with nuclear weapons, far more dangerous than any other in the region. The day will come when Jewish Israeli terrorism will turn against them.

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