Report about the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Lobby of Parliament


The Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s Lobby of Parliament for Gaza took place on the 9th of September. The main speaker at the briefing was Dr Mustafa Barghouti, who gave a first hand, moving account of the situation in Gaza following Israel’s terrorist attack which left over 2,000 Palestinians dead, mostly civilians. His talk can be accessed here.


Dr Mustafa Barghouti reported on what he saw in Gaza
Israel dropped Explosives barrels in Gaza, so much for surgical strikes!

Hundreds then went to meet their MPs and there was a rousing rally in the evening.

I reminded the attendants that Britain had a moral duty to right the wrong of the Balfour Declaration. The speakers also called for lifting of the siege and an end to arms trade with Israel.

Grahame Mortis MP Chair of the Labour Friends of Palestine and the Middle East announced that Back Benchers had succeeded in securing a voting debate on 13 October, to recognise a Palestinian State.

Text if motion for voting debate on 23 October 2014.

The Lobby was covered by the media. Aljazeera report in Arabic can be viewed here.

Packed Committee room for Rally for Gaza.

Update 28/9/2014

Here is a link to Dr Barghouti’s eyewitness account from Gaza

One thought on “Report about the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Lobby of Parliament

  1. UK government is funding the cruel and systematic genocide in Gaza and Palestine.
    UK gov and supporters of Israel’s war crimes, Where are your principles and values?, Where is your conscience?, Where is your heart? are you just fallowing orders? Doing so, you are undermining our own sovereignty!

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