Much support from former British Diplomats for recognition of Palestine

On the 13th of October, UK MPs will debate and vote on a motion to recognise Palestine. The outcome is non binding on the Government, but a strong yes vote would not only put pressure for UK recognition, but can be helpful to the Government to move on this if it so chooses. After all, this is democracy, isn’t it? Or is it the power of lobbies that determines a sovereign state’s decision to recognise another state.

A number of ex British diplomats have made the case for recognition before the end if the negotiations. Here are the links.

Opinion piece in the Guardian: Former British Consul General to Jerusalem, Sir Vincent Fean: The time is right for Britain to recognise the Palestinian state


Letter in the Independent by a number of former diplomats: MPs’ historic chance to help Middle East peace

With Sweden leading the way with its new Government promising to recognise Palestine, the home of the Balfour Declaration, the UK Parliament, can send a strong signal to the Government from all sides of the house to recognise Palestine. A defeat for the motion or the addition if the wrecking amendment would put Britain on the slow lane of truly supporting an end to the illegal military occupation of Palestine.

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