Alan Duncan MP tackles illegal Israeli settlements and their supporters


Following the UK Parliament overwhelming vote to recognise Palestine as a state, Sir Alan Duncan MP makes an astonishing speech to the Royal United Services Institute entitled: ‘Middle East Peace- The Principles behind the Process’.


He says defenders of illegal settlements should be viewed as extremists.

The speech can be viewed here

Here is an example of the ‘settlers’, better described as armed robbers, attacking an elderly Palestinian man for ploughing his field under the protection of the IDF.

The reaction of the pro Israel groups in the UK was perhaps predictable. Here in the Independent’s report.

Sir Alan Duncan’s ‘apartheid’ attack on Israel angers Jewish groups

You really do wonder when groups representing the Jewish community in the UK will see that supporting Israel unconditionally is misguided and counterproductive to peace efforts. I guess that Alan Duncan’s speech would put those of them who support illegal settlements in the ‘extremist’ camp and he is right. That worries them but does not seem to help them wake up and realise supporting illegality is not in the Jewish Community’s interest.

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