Who cares about the Israeli elections?  

Don’t mention the ‘p’ word in the Israeli elections. It won’t turn heads and it would only bring a shrug of the shoulders and a rolling of eyes.

Israel is ‘managing the conflict’ with the Palestinians and as long as the cost of the occupation is low, there is no incentive for it to change course. The cost of the occupation is low.

The PA delivers services to the occupied and its security services coordinate closely with Israel’s security services.

The PA itself is funded by external donors and Israel  can punish the PA for misdemeanors such as signing the Rome statues by withholding the Palestinian taxes it collects.

If Israel needs to attack Gaza to punish Hamas, it can and the cost is borne by the U.S.   And when it allows its extremist settlers to storm Alaqsa, or when it demolishes Palestinian homes, condemnations come with no cost attached.

It’s illegal settlers can roam the West Bank including Jerusalem, protected by the IDF heaping terror on Palestinians, knowing the state gives them a nod and a wink.

And when the International Community condemns any of the above or the continued illegal settlement construction it applies no sanctions. Even worse Western countries boast about the expanding trade with Israel and its importance as an ally of the West.

Israel is also on the offensive to silence critics abroad who dare speak up against its atrocities towards the Palestinians. It has tried to conflate criticism of its policies with Antisemitism, pushing western states to introduce draconian measures to limit free speech when it comes to criticism of Israel.

Netanyahu can address the U.S. congress against the will of the President, claiming he knows best when it comes to Iran.

Taking all of the above, it is clear Israel feels there is no need to do anything at all to bring peace to the Holy Land. The international community talks the talk but will not walk the walk to force Israel to change course.

Israeli leaders have made it clear there will be no 2-state solution, a genuine end to the occupation or a sharing of Jerusalem.

So frankly who cares about the Israeli elections?

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