The International Community has Created a Rogue, Nuclear State, Israel

Israel is a nuclear state, there can be no doubt about that. It’s actions in defying countless United Nations Resolutions, continuing an illegal military occupation, annexing Palestinian and Syrian land and expanding illegal settlements.  This and many of its policies and practices make it a Rogue State.

Benjamin Netanyahu was as clear as he can be about the end of the two state solution when interviewed in the lead up to the recent elections. He will not allow a Palestinian state to be established. He will continue to build illegal settlements and will not ‘divide’ Jerusalem. This is in addition to him denying Palestinian refugees the right of return.

We have a state with dangerous, genocidal leaders that have a finger on the nuclear button. Remember Lieberman calling for his own non-Jewish citizens to be beheaded? Remember the savagery of last summer’s attack on Gaza? Remember Israeli religious leaders calling for the carpet bombing of Gaza?

The International Community, which created Israel, supposedly as a safe haven for Jews, has in fact created a Rogue, Nuclear state. It has been allowed to act with complete impunity like no other state. It has become so powerful that it can continue to defy the will of the International Community if it chose to.  

One day it could also point it’s weapons at them, ‘in self defence’!

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