London protest for Palestine after rising violence in Jerusalem

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign together with a number of partners held a demonstration outside the Israrli Embassy in London on Saturday 17 October.  I estimated that up to 3000 were in attendance.

I spoke to the demonstration and was then interviewed by Sky News.  Here is a link to the interview.

I also contributed to Aljazeera online report in Arabic. The link can be found here.

Update: 20/10/2015

I have been asked to clarify my comment in the SKy News interview that implied it was Israeli Government policy to take Alaqsa, demolish it and build a Jewish temple in its place.  My reference in ‘they’ was to what Israelis wanted to do and not  to specific publically stated Government policy.  See link here and here for examples.

What would help reassure Palestinains and Muslims is a clear commitment by Israel to never take the Al-Aqsa mosque compund over and change it either through division or by replacing the existing strucutres with any new structures.

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