Guardian advert calling for boycott of Israeli academic institutions 

I signed the Guardian advert together with over 300 UK academics calling for a boycott of Israrli academic institutions until Israel confirms to International Law.

The attacks the advert received from apologists for Israeli Apartheid, racism and occupation were predictable.

Those who claim dialogue is better than boycotts have been saying this ever since the idea of academic boycott was considered by the AUT now UCU. There is no evidence that dialogue with Israeli academic institutions has moved them to call for an end to the illegal occupation or the repeted attacks on Palestinians in the whole of historic Palestine.

Zionists who attempt to label those of us who call for pressure on Israel while it acts illegally  ‘antisemites’ abuse the term which should be reserved for anti Jewish hatred. They themselves are pro occupation, pro settlements and anti just peace. 

Calling for peaceful boycotts is moral and principled. It is Israel that is acting illegally, immorally and claiming to represent all Jews. It does not.



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