Public Statement: Palestinian Reconciliation and Elections

Published on 8 October 2020

To the Palestinian people in the Homeland and in Exile,

We the undersigned, motivated by our national and historic commitments to our people and our cause, are extremely concerned by the worrying attempts, by international and regional players, to liquidate the Palestinian cause and to deny the Palestinians their inalienable rights to their land, the establishment of their independent sovereign state with Al-Quds as its capital and the return of the refugees. Those players are attempting to replace our rights with unacceptable propositions such as; a freeze on land confiscation, giving Palestinians ‘humanitarian residency’ in the apartheid state and in exile. 
We reject these offers, which some Arab countries have accepted, and regard them as a shameful stain on the history of a proud people who defended the honour of the Arab and Islamic nations and protected their international standing and religious sites. The Palestinians stood alongside their noble Arab brothers to fight the expansionist colonial Zionist project and its attempts to extend its hegemony in the region. Our people have not conceded their rights to the land and are still steadfastly resisting, in Palestine and elsewhere, despite all the crises and plots to liquidate their cause.

With this in mind, we call on all our people to remain steadfast in the face of the difficult and testing circumstances, as individuals and groups, as factions and political parties, and to take a firm historical stance today, and work towards achieving the following:

  1. Instigating genuine national unity and reconciliation, among all factions and organizations, under the umbrella of the Palestinian Liberation Organization;
  2. Reaffirming the historical narrative that calls for unity of the land and the people and to deal with Israel as a Zionist, colonial and racist entity whose creation was predicated on the expulsion of the Palestinian people and depriving them of their right to self-determination;
  3. Initiating elections for the Palestine National Council, which is the highest legitimate authority for the Palestinian people, before any other elections or actions, as stipulated in the National Charter of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation which was approved in 1968, which regards every Palestinian as a member of the PLO and who has the full right to elect his/her representative and to self-determination;
  4. Re-embracing the culture of resistance in its most comprehensive, legal, legitimate meaning and where it is possible, and to provide full support to the continuation of popular resistance that galvanizes all Palestinians in particular, the Arab people and the defenders of justice and human rights all over the world.

While we welcome and value the latest meeting in Beirut and Ramallah, held on 3 September 2020, between the general secretaries of the various Palestinian factions, we do not believe that it is the best path out of the current crisis which has torn the bonds between our people apart. Our hope was that the meeting would lead to the end of factionalism which had caused immeasurable damage to our cause, and to move towards electing a new Palestine National Council. Our people feel leaderless, confused, are eager for unity. They do not want to hear more rhetoric and arousing speeches, instead they seek urgent concrete steps towards effective outcomes to stop the situation from deteriorating further both in Palestine and across the Arab world.

Our brave Brothers and Sisters,

It is no longer acceptable or justifiable for squabbles between the factions to continue, especially at these times when we see deliberate plots to liquidate our cause. We call on every responsible Palestinian official and faction leader to finally end the division and move beyond the disastrous Oslo process. We also call on them to work together to instil hope in our people and to rise as one to fight the Zionist colonial project until we achieve a real victory for our steadfast and brave people, culminating in liberation and return.

Long live the Palestinian people

Freedom and Dignity for our people in our homeland, Palestine


Dr Salman Abu Sittah (Kuwait)Dr Anis Fawzi Qasim (Jordan)Dr Hasan Khreisheh (Palestine)Dr Abdelhamid Siyam (US)
Hanin Zoabi (Palestine)Simaan Khoury (El Salvador)Mueen Altaher (Jordan)Dr Kamel Hawwash (UK)
Dr Bassam Dally (Australia)Dr Carol Daniel Kasbari (US)Dr Abedalsatar Qasm (Palestine)Adnan Sabah (UK)
Mohammad Alansari (Kuwait)Manal Tamimi (Palestine)Adel Turjman (Guatemala)Dr Muawiya Almasri (Palestine)
Samah Sabawi (Australia)Rasmi Almallah (Jordan)Khalid Alsholey (France)Dr Wael Shadid (Qatar)
Issa Hanna Bandak (El Salvador)Fakhry Alturkman (Palestine)Dr Khalid Alsalaymeh (Jordan)Abdeljawad Saleh (Palestine)
Khalid Hilal (Brazil)Dr Ali Abu Alreish (Palestine)Dr Hasan Abu Khater (Palestine)Dr Waleed Tarayra (Palestine)
Dr Yehya Shhaawer (Palestine)Tarek Nahas (US)Dr Ahmed Alkhaldi (Palestine)Dr Sameh Abuseir (Palestine)
Ricardo Mehriz (Colombia)Dr Mazen Qumseih (Palestine)Khalil Alsalmeen (Palestine)Maher Nazal (New Zealand)
Dr Abeer Alnajar (Jordan)Khalil Alsalmeen (Palestine)Diab Alawewy (Palestine)Laila Habash (Palestine)
Ali Albaghdadi (Kuwait)Dr Abdelfatah Abu Shukur (Palestine)Wael Malalheh (Jordan)Nizar Banat (Palestine)
Abdulsalam Jendib (Palestine)Dr Kheir Aldeen Abdelrahman (UAE)Nafe` Alhassan (Palestine)Dr Fathy Srouji (Palestine)
Dr Anwar Janim (Palestine)Dr Raed Badaweih (Palestine)Dr Khalid Alhuroub (UK)Dr Abdelrahim Kataneh (Palestine)
Dr Faisal Alzaanoun (Palestine)Dr Abdelkareem Mhana (PalestineDr Asa`ad Ghanem (Palestine)Rima Qanawati (Palestine)
Waleed Alardah (Palestine)Dr Riyad Shahin (Palestine)Waleed Abd Alrazqa (Palestine)Farid Al-Atrash (Palestine)
Dr Naji Albattah (Palestine)Dr Ramadan Alomari (Palestine)Yusuf Sharqawi (Palestine)Dr Ali Alhabeel (Palestine)
Dr Saleh Alhams (Palestine)Aya Saleem (Palestine)Dr Ibrahim Maddi (Palestine)Younis Abu Meiliq (Palestine)
Dr Majid Abu Aishi (Palestine)Dr Fahmy Shurrab (Palestine)Dr Saeed Jundiai (Palestine)Basim Shurrab (Palestine)
Dr Mohammad Miqdada (Palestine)Dr Hanan Alakuk (Palestine)Mohammad Asaad Alamour (Palestine)Dr Rashad Almadani (Palestine)
Dr Abdelkareem Mhana (Palestine)Jihad Salah (Palestine)Nizar Alwahedi (Palestine)Dr Hani Aljazzar (Palestine)
Dr Husam Aldajni (Palestine)Jamal Alsaber (Palestine)Akram Al-Sahhar (Palestine)Mohammad Abusheikha (Palestine)

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