Swedish Foreign Minister promises more clarity on economic relations with the ‘illegal Israeli settlements’

In an exchange of tweets, Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt promised more ‘clarity’ in EU economic relations with Israel’s illegal settlements. This follows my challenge to him following this tweet on the Ukraine.


This kind of swift action here and indeed when Iraq occupied Kuwait, but not against Israel’s illegal occupation that raises Palestinian accusations if double standards. It could not be clearer.

The EU has moved to place pressure on the settlement enterprise but at the same time allows Israel to continue with business as usual. It was even admitted to the Horizon2020 Programme, the only non EU state to be accommodated in this way.

This position is simply indefensible. Double standards and the singling out of Israel, a colonialist, occupying. Apartheid state for a special position in the EU devalues the values citizens across the EU hold dear to their hearts and fought hard to secure. The Swedish Foreign Minister promises more clarity on economic links with settlements. Clarity means BDS until Israel meets the terms of the BDS call.

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