The PA should note, Authority comes from the People, not from the name


I am not sure of how long it took for the name of the Palestinian Authority to be conceived and then born after Oslo, but I would love to know what the alternatives were. What is beyond doubt is the fact that the PA now has little credibility amongst the People it supposedly has authority over. What is even more disturbing – and it should be worrying for senior members of the PA- is the repeated and now widely formed view that it is not Palestinian. This is not a play on words but a reflection on how Palestinians view it’s actions, particularly the ‘security cooperation’ with the brutal occupier Israel. In the current low level war Israel has launched on Palestine, PA security forces have been conspicuous by their absence, except (as it is reported) when coordinating with Israeli forces.

I wrote in an earlier blog that ‘The more Abbas appeals to the Israeli public, the more Netanyahu belittles him’. It seems also that the more security cooperation there is with the occupation, the more dismissive Netanyahu is of the PA’s efforts. Meanwhile the Palestinians are losing patience with a PA that rules over them whose term has expired and whose policies they have never voted for. It is bizarre that Israel, the illegal occupier of Palestine expects the occupied people to provide it with security in order to continue occupying. if anyone has come across another case in history where this was the case then please tell me.

Does Abbas believe that by providing this security cooperation and by expressing his heartfelt pain at the abduction of illegal settlers, he will deliver freedom for his people? Has his personal struggle and that of his people to rid themselves of the cancer that is the occupation not taught him that the ideology that is Zionism wants him and his people out? Sitting in the US at the moment as I write this the phrase “Jump and I say how high” comes to mind. Israel’s bar for ending the conflict rises with every piece of security cooperation, with every encouraging statement about the future and with every delay that Abbas announces for joining International bodies. Netanyahu and his advisers must chuckle every time the PA announces a concession. Their ‘not high enough’ and let’s raise the bar further follows immediately.

I take no joy from criticising Palestinians who believe their way is the only way for achieving our national objectives just for the same of it. I try to be encouraging but there is a limit. When PA forces turn their guns against the Palestinian people to ensure they provide peace and quiet to the occupier, rather than protect them from IDF and settler terrorism, they have crossed over the Green Line in their loyalty. Again it pains me to say this but it is increasingly difficult to try and understand and to explain, impossible to justify.

The PA’s authority expired years ago from a legal point of view. The Leadership’s authority expired years ago. The situation can hardly worsen if a new fresh leadership was allowed to try a different approach, but it might just begin to get better. Yes, there will be pain as the donors blackmail but an honest leadership that brings the people with it can count on the resilience of the Palestinains. That would also provide the Palestinian Authority with the renewed authority that has been damaged beyond repair.

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