67 years on, Zionist Jewish terror is back with a vengeance

As far as Israel is concerned terror is only practiced by ‘Arabs’. A whole dictionary of types of terror has been invented ranging from violent acts, to ‘diplomatic’ terror. Israeli politicians and commentators have used possibly millions of airtime minutes ensuring they say the word, repeatedly terror terror terror. When the three Israelis went missing this was immediately reported as a ‘terrorist’ incident committed by ‘terrorists’ belonging to the ‘terrorist’ group, Hamas. References were made to the ‘terrorists’ homes and relatives.

Settlers arrested in 2012 suspected of ‘price tag’ attacks

But when it comes to Jewish violence for nationalistic reasons is not classified as or referred to as terrorism. Rising settler violence in particular is mostly referred to as ‘price tag’. This includes damaging cars, burning mosques, damaging churches and generally scaring Palestinians. This culminated today (2/7/2014) with references to the , abduction, murder and burning of a 17 year old child, Muhammed Abu Khdair from Shu’fat in Jerusalem as a ‘revenge’ attack. Revenge could be the motive but the act us a terrorist act by any definition.

17 year old Mohammed Abu Khdair from Shu’fat, murdered by Jewish terrorists on 2 July 2014

One would struggle to find reference to an act if violence by Jews that Israel terms an act of terror. Take the case of American born Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein who murdered 29 peaceful Palestinians in 1994 during Dawn prayers in the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron. Even if you google ‘terrorist’ and Goldstein you do not find hits that specifically call him a terrorist.

Jewish terrorist Baruch Goldstein

British Foreign Secretary William Hague also differentiates between killing of Israelis by Palestinians and killing of Palestinians by Israelis. This was his tweet after discovery of bodies of three Israelis near Hebron.

Contrast this with his statement about the abduction and killing if Palestinian teenager Muhammed Abu Khdair

Hague is very careful in his choice of words because he does not want yo upset the Israelis. He further offers condolences to the families if the Israelis but not yo the family if the Palestinians.

The message both from Israel and Britain is clear. A different value is placed on a Palestinian life and a Jewish life. This is outright racism. Calling the death of Abu Khdaira an act of terror means his family may be entitled to compensation from Israel, so avoid this at all costs.

Israel was born out of terror and its terrorist Jewish gangs morphed into the Israeli Defence Force. Its settlement project has provided a new breaking ground for terror. Young Israelis are growing up thinking they can get away with terror. They can rely on the IDF yo protect them. In fact they are the IDF. The West gives blind support for Israel as soon as it claims ‘security’. They have played a hand in this dangerous development.

It is time Jewish terrorism was recognised and dealt with for what it is. The Palestinians have no protection from it. If it remains unchecked it will result in more casualties and may one day turn against ‘moderate’ Israelis if they ever suggest evacuation of illegal colonies. Israeli leaders are squarely behind them because they further the achievement of the racist ideology that is Zionism.

It is ironic that Mohammed Abu Khdair was murdered and burned almost on the site of the infamous 1948 massacre at Dir Yasin. Zionist Jewish terrorism is truly back with vengeance.


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