Social media is great but can be problematic

There is no doubt that social media has made a difference In the current Israeli aggression on Gaza. There is no hiding information. If it isn’t on Facebook, it is on twitter or other platforms. When a story breaks timelines are flooded with tweets and retweets. Replies from supporters support and from trolls trash.

But 140 characters are never enough to tell the full story. This is the reason why I started this blog.

Every now and then you see a tweet and wonder whether the tweep intended it to be as it was. Today was no exception.

Chemi Shalev, US Editor for Israeli newspaper, Haaretz tweeted this


On first reading you think, Ok Israel’s President Peres’s last day on office, a sensitive comment in the context of the war on Gaza. But when you read the last part, and you are someone who believes Peres to be a man responsible for atrocities against the Palestinians and Lebanese, you read it differently.

(Peres) “going out with a whimper rather than the Big Bang he deserved”. If a Palestinian had written it, he would have been accused of incitement!
I replied Chemi on twitter with this and he deleted his tweet and then replied as below.


The moral of the story is that you just cannot be too careful with social media. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay and will hopefully remain uncensored. But beware, once you have written something, you cannot delete it!

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