Another extreme set of legislation by Israel

Over the past few weeks, it seems every day has brought a fresh hate statement or incitement by senior Israeli politicians or new legislation designed to humiliate and defeat the Palestinians. Sixty seven years since its creation, Israel has not learnt that it will not succeed in defeating the Palestinians. It continues to choose violence, oppression, dispossession and humiliation instead of genuinely seeking peace and reconciliation.

The new ‘eight point plan to defeat terror’ will only add to the hatred and the mistrust between Palestinians and Israelis. This is especially the case in Jerusalem. It is likely to increase rather than decrease the chances of more violence. The ‘International Community’ shamefully acquiesces but people across the World see Israel for what it is. The BDS movement is escalating and is hurting.


When will an enlightened Israeli leader emerge? She or he are badly needed for all our sakes.

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