As the Arabic saying goes

We have a saying in Arabic which translates ‘he attacked me then cried and complained before me.’ ضربني وبكى، سبقني واشتكى.

This nicely captures the audacity of Israel, which today complained to the UN Security Council about Hizbullah’s attack on Israeli troops in the illegally occupied, Lebanese Shib’a farms. When complaining, it’s arrogant Ambassador Prosor, conveniently forgot to mention that this was in retaliation for Israel’s attack on a convoy in Qunaitera, Syria which killed both Hizbullah fighters and an Iranian General on the 18th of January.

Israel responded to Huzbullah’s attack, which it admitted killed two soldiers, with shelling of South Lebanon which killed a Spanish soldier serving in the UNIFIL forces.

Spanish UNIFIL Soldier killed by Israel in shelling of Lebanon named as Cpl. Francisco Javier Soria Toledo

It is almost certain that the Security Council will condemn Hizbullah for an act of ‘terror’, when in fact it targeted the occupying army of Lebanese land. This is a classic case both of double standards and of the abuse of the term terror. Israel wants the world to accept its definition of terror. This is all encompassing or in other words any resistance whether military, political or economic. In fact whatever Israel calls ‘terror’, the world should accept as terror, without question.

Funeral of fallen Hizbullah fighter

It is of course unfortunate that any human being is killed or injured in conflicts but for as long as Israel occupies other people’s land, they are entitled to resist. This is a right enshrined in International Law and if Israel does not like it then it must end the occupation.

It seems Israel cannot live without conflict. It does nothing that will bring it acceptance by its neighbours but everything that will raise their hatred towards it.

Another Arabic saying ‘an eye for an eye’ was Hizbullah’s characterisation of today’s attack. العين بالعين.

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