War, Peace and a Two-State Solution: UK View on Israel and Palestine

I was quoted in this article in Sputnik News.

War, Peace and a Two-State Solution: UK View on Israel and Palestine


“The decision to apply for ICC membership has been criticised by Israel and the US as being detrimental to negotiations, however Kamel Hawwash, vice chair of the UK-based Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, told Sputnik UK that the decision to turn to the international community was almost forced upon the PA.

“They’ve tried working bilaterally with the Israelis, but that has gone on for over 22 years. We should by now have had a free, independent state for the Palestinian people. But what has happened instead is that, year after year talks have either restarted or failed, so the Palestinians feel that there’s no prospect of reaching an agreement with the Israelis through direct negotiations, and that is the reason for turning to the international community.””

“Kamel Hawwash said that the protests were indicative of a significant shift in British public opinion against the action of Israel, and a sign they were becoming more sympathetic to the Palestinian cause.

“If you talked to people who were involved in campaigning for Palestine 25-30 years ago, they’d tell you that you couldn’t fill a small room with campaigners, whereas in the summer we saw over 100,000 people marching in the streets of London and many other cities in the UK, and of course internationally.”

He also believes that the views of the public influenced British politicians, leading to parliament’s decision to recognise Palestine as a state.”

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