Blair enters the fray to help Israel fight BDS via ‘anti Semitism’


Just what is Tony Blair up to? He only resigned as the Quartet Peace Envoy last month, but not known for hanging around, he has a new role, which allegedly does not pay. As David Cronin characterised it “Tony Blair recruited by cheerleader for Israel’s crimes“. 

He is to work for the the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR). Again, David Cronin gives us the low down on this pro Israel Lobby Group. Cronin argues that “While its name might give the impression that it is a dispassionate intergovernmental body, the ECTR is an initiative of the Zionist zealot and fertilizer tycoon Moshe Kantor”.

It seems that this body is only interested in one particular aspect of discrimination, which it perceives to be criticism of Israel. There is no mention of anti Muslim hatred or Islamophobia.

My contention is that Zionists have a key objective, to produce a definition of anti Semitism that conflates hatred of Jews with criticism of Israel, that is then adopted by Western Governments. They want any criticism of Israel to be classed as hatred of Jews and therefore the ‘new form of anti Semitism’.

For years now, Zionists and apologists for Israel have claimed that the EU has a definition of anti Semitism which achieves their goal. This is what is termed the “EUMC working a definition of anti Semitism“. But in fact this formulation has not been adopted by the EU. It was dropped as a potential definition.

I believe that the ECTR will use Tony Blair (and he will be willing) to produce a definition of anti Semitism that includes defining any form of boycott of Israel, even illegal settlements, as anti Semitic. The BDS movement is their real target. 

Israel is starting to publically express fear from BDS. It is seen as a ‘strategic threat‘ and a Government Minister, Gilad Erdan, has been appointed to specifically fight it. But because they know they are fighting a losing battle to persuade the general public that it is anything but moral and peaceful, they resort to the anti Semitism accusation.

If Blair, working with other supporters of Israel in the ECTR, can somehow come up with an ‘authoritative’ definition that is adopted by Israel’s friends then legal challenges on the basis of hate, racism and specifically anti Senitism would follow. I imagine they believe this would end the BDS movement. 

It isn’t only Europe that considering ways of counters the escalating BDS movement. A ‘secret’ meeting is taking place this weekend, funded by wealthy friends if Israel is considering ‘pitches’ or ideas for combatting BDS

But the entry of Tony Blair into the fray confirms that he has never been impartial or pro Palestinian in his previous role. He has always been pro Israeli and will now be like a dog on heat fighting, not all forms of racism but only one, what he will define as anti Semitism, to help his friend, Benjamin Netanyahu fight BDS. 

I really do wish, for the sake of peace in historic Palestine, that Tony Blair would just disappear from the scene and focus on making more millions from his consultancy work. 

But it seems he feels he has not done enough damage to the Palestinian cause. His focus now turns to its most peaceful and potentially game changing weapon, the global BDS movement. Time to label it and those that pursue it, anti Semitic.

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