‘Trump showing Netanyahu new way to fend off allegations’

I was interviewed by Balkans Post on 4/3/2019 A British-Palestinian engineering professor believes U.S. President Donald Trump’s unorthodox dealings with accusations of misconduct have shown Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a new way to fend off allegations against him. “Trump has thus far proved to be a survivor despite mounting criticism and it may be …

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Interview: Netanyahu and Trump to create Palestinian state after Israeli elections

I was interviewed by Sputnik radio on 26/2/2019 https://m.soundcloud.com/radiosputnik/the-prospects-for-this-deal-to-fail-are-pretty-high-professor

Who cares about the Israeli elections?  

Don't mention the 'p' word in the Israeli elections. It won't turn heads and it would only bring a shrug of the shoulders and a rolling of eyes. Israel is 'managing the conflict' with the Palestinians and as long as the cost of the occupation is low, there is no incentive for it to change …

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Recognition, BDS and Israeli elections

Gaza after Israeli knock on the door 2014 has been a highly tense and significant year in the quest for a solution to the Palestinian / Israeli problem. It started with the then ongoing 'peace talks'. They ended in failure because Israel had no intention of concluding a deal. The summer months saw deaths in …

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