PSC Statement on hunger striking Palestinian prisoner Mohammed Al-qeeq

February 17, 2016

End the administrative detention of Mohammed Al-Qeeq

Supporters of justice for Palestinians are following news of the deteriorating health of Palestinian detainee Mohammed Al-Qeeq with great concern. Al-Qeeq, a Palestinian journalist is in his 84th day of a hunger strike in protest against his administrative detention. He is currently in Ha’Emek Hospital in the northern city of Afula . Al-Qeeq is a correspondent for the Saudi al-Majd TV network and resides in the West Bank.

Israel arrested 33-year-old Al-Qeek on 21 November, 2015 over allegedly being a Hamas activist but have not charged him. He is one of over 300 Palestinians Israel holds under administrative detention, a law which allows it to detain Palestinians without charge for periods of up to six months which are renewable. On February 4, Israel’s Supreme Court ordered a ‘freeze’ on his administrative detention and allowed him to receive visitors, but ruled that he may not leave hospital. He has refused to end his hunger strike unless he is released unconditionally.

Attorney Jihad Abo Raya explains: “In criminal law either a person is under arrest or he is free to move as he pleases, but for Palestinian detainees the court has created something new, they claim that Mohammed Al-Qeeq is no longer under administrative detention – but they also refuse to allow him to leave Afula hospital.”

In 2015, Israel approved a controversial law, allowing the force-feeding of hunger strikers whose lives are in danger, in order to avoid unrest that would follow the death of a Palestinian prisoner. There are no known cases of this law being put into practice to date.

The Israeli authorities have refused his request to be transferred for treatment to the Ramallah hospital.

Commenting on this latest abuse of the human rights of Palestinians Kamel Hawwash, Vice Chair of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign said

“Administrative detention is an abuse of the rights of Palestinians suspected of any wrong doing to be charged so they know what they are accused of and then a fair trial. This unjust practice leaves Palestinian detainees with no option but to refuse food for days to pressure Israel to charge them or release them. I call on all supporters of justice to contact their MPs asking them to demand the British Government intervenes immediately to save the life of Mohammed Al-qeeq. It should further demand that Israel ends this terrible practice”.

Watch how Israeli police drag a 13 year old Palestinian child to military trial

This is a most appalling example of the oppression Palestinian children are subjected to by the illegal Israeli occupation.  Jewish children are treated differently to Palestinian children.  Different Laws apply to Palestinians and Jews who live in the same area.  This is shear racism and Apartheid.

There is no excuse for this.

From April 2015

G4S, a prisoner of its own acts. AGM dominated by questions on Israeli prison contracts

Press release by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign 5/6/2014


The annual general meeting of global security company, G4S, was severely disrupted today by campaigners protesting about the company’s alleged complicity in human rights abuses and breaches of international law.

Instead of discussing issues such as capital growth, the AGM was dominated by the subject of G4S’s contracts with the Israeli Prison Service, and its role in servicing checkpoints in the occupied West Bank.

G4S operates in six Israeli prisons where Palestinian children, women and men are held, often without charge or trial, and often tortured. The West Bank checkpoints, which severely restrict Palestinian freedom of movement, are provided with scanners and maintenance services by G4S.

Hugh Lanning, Chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), was one of a number of PSC executive staff and members who attended the AGM as shareholders.

He presented G4S Chair, John Connolly, with a petition signed by more than 3,000 members of the public calling on G4S to end its involvement with Israeli prisons and checkpoints.

Thirteen of the 26 questions put to the board focused on G4S’s role in Israeli prisons and at checkpoints. G4S Chair, John Connolly, and CEO, Ashley Almanza, refused to give a definitive answer on whether G4S was preparing to withdraw from all its contracts with the Israeli Prison Service.

Other shareholders questioned the board on abuses at G4S-run Oakwood prison, Birmingham, and the death of Angolan asylum seeker, Jimmy Mubenga, while he was being put on a plane at Heathrow by G4S guards for deportation.

The meeting was disrupted seven times near the beginning by protestors shouting slogans, including, ‘Shame on G4S for being complicit in crimes against Palestinians’ and ‘You are supporting the only apartheid in the 21st century’. At least 16 protestors were forcibly ejected from the meeting by G4S guards.

Speaking after the meeting, PSC Chair, Hugh Lanning, said: “G4S will remain a global target for PSC and the solidarity movement until it ends its complicity with breaches of international law.

“Today we have presented to John Connolly a petition of thousands of signatures. This is not a campaign of a few protestors, but of global public opinion. It will not end until G4S changes its attitude”

The Guardian newspaper today published two letters signed by leading global figures such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu, author Alice Walker, and 14 British MPs, calling on G4S to terminate its contracts with Israeli prisons and end its part in the occupation.

Later the Guardian published this report ‘G4S security guards violently remove protesters from AGM

Birmingham vigil in support of Palestinian Hunger Strikers 3 May 2014


Birmingham city centre stood in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners, particularly 200 Administrative detainees on hunger strike since the 24th of April. The month of May is particularly poignant when one considers that 66 years ago, Zionist terrorists were busy ethnically cleansing 500 Palestinian towns and villages, forcing 800,000 native Palestinians into exile.

The West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign organised the vigil together with Birmingham Trades Council. The crowd called for the Palestinian detainees to be charged or released without delay and commemorated the Nakba or Catastrophe when Zionists violently stole Palestine to create Israel.

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Administrative Detention, a cowardly policy

Birmingham vigil for Palestinian hunger strikers 3 May


Over 200 Palestinian prisoners started an open-ended hunger strike a week ago to protest their administrative detentions by the Israeli occupying forces without any guilt or charges leveled against them.

The West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign (WMPSC) will hold a vigil as part of the May Day event outside Waterstones, on Sat 3rd May 12pm to 2pm , High St Birmingham B4 7SL.

Please join us in solidarity with the Hunger strikers.

Administrative Detention, a cowardly policy


Israel is a state that has tried to pass itself off as a western style democracy ever since it was created by force in Palestine, against the will of the native inhabitants, the Palestinians. Of course for as long as it continues to occupy the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza without giving them a vote it is not a democracy.

Democracies pride themselves on equality for the people they rule over and the rule of Law. They apply the Law equally to all. Israel does not do that. It applies civil Law to its citizens and military Law to those it occupies.

It also uses Administrative Detention only to those it occupies. This is an abhor any practice through which it abducts Palestinians and imprisons them for months at a time without charge. It only has to tell a judge it cannot disclose the evidence and he or she will normally extend the detention. The detention can therefore be extended indefinitely.

Palestinian prisoners are held in appalling conditions in jails of hate. They are denied basic rights including family visits and even education. They are denied proper access to healthcare and some are subjected to torture.

On the 24th of April a group of 200 Palestinian prisoners incarcerated under Administrative Detention started a hunger strike for freedom. They are left with no option but to starve themselves, possibly to death for their plight to be brought to the World’s attention.

It is time that Western style democracies recognised Israel’s abuses and started a process of distancing themselves from it, eventually bringing it to account. It is time they recognised Palestinians as equal human beings that did not invite Zionists to create their oppressive state on their land. It is time they sided with the victim against the victimiser. It us time they pressured Israel to end the cowardly practice of Administrative Detention

Update 5/5/2014

120 Palestinians under Administrative Detention in Israel went on hunger strike for freedom on 24 April.

Update 11/5/2014

Over 100 Palestinian Administrative Detention prisoners continue the hunger strike they started on 24/4. They are being joined by more prisoners. The anger is increasing as the suffering increases.

Update 28/5/2014

40 Palestinian detainees that have been on hunger strike since 24 April have been moved to a hospital as their condition deteriorates and prison authorities refuse to hear their grievances.