Administrative Detention, a cowardly policy


Israel is a state that has tried to pass itself off as a western style democracy ever since it was created by force in Palestine, against the will of the native inhabitants, the Palestinians. Of course for as long as it continues to occupy the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza without giving them a vote it is not a democracy.

Democracies pride themselves on equality for the people they rule over and the rule of Law. They apply the Law equally to all. Israel does not do that. It applies civil Law to its citizens and military Law to those it occupies.

It also uses Administrative Detention only to those it occupies. This is an abhor any practice through which it abducts Palestinians and imprisons them for months at a time without charge. It only has to tell a judge it cannot disclose the evidence and he or she will normally extend the detention. The detention can therefore be extended indefinitely.

Palestinian prisoners are held in appalling conditions in jails of hate. They are denied basic rights including family visits and even education. They are denied proper access to healthcare and some are subjected to torture.

On the 24th of April a group of 200 Palestinian prisoners incarcerated under Administrative Detention started a hunger strike for freedom. They are left with no option but to starve themselves, possibly to death for their plight to be brought to the World’s attention.

It is time that Western style democracies recognised Israel’s abuses and started a process of distancing themselves from it, eventually bringing it to account. It is time they recognised Palestinians as equal human beings that did not invite Zionists to create their oppressive state on their land. It is time they sided with the victim against the victimiser. It us time they pressured Israel to end the cowardly practice of Administrative Detention

Update 5/5/2014

120 Palestinians under Administrative Detention in Israel went on hunger strike for freedom on 24 April.

Update 11/5/2014

Over 100 Palestinian Administrative Detention prisoners continue the hunger strike they started on 24/4. They are being joined by more prisoners. The anger is increasing as the suffering increases.

Update 28/5/2014

40 Palestinian detainees that have been on hunger strike since 24 April have been moved to a hospital as their condition deteriorates and prison authorities refuse to hear their grievances.

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