Palestine Solidarity Meetings in Birmingham and Wolverhampton

26/6/2014 Birmingham

Public meeting: Solidarity with Palestine


The Vice President of the NUT, Philipa Harvey visited Palestine as part of the NUT delegation last year. She will be reporting on her visit to a meeting organised by the West Midlands Palestine Solidarity Campaign and sponsored by the Birmingham Trades Council. It will be an opportunity to hear her assessment of the difficulties Trade Unionists in Palestine face living under occupation. As a teacher she would have been particularly interested in the difficulties children face growing up under occupation. We will also hear from those campaigning on behalf of the Hares Boys who are facing attempted murder charges. The Boys are going to be tried in the Military courts. Please join us at this meeting and invite your friends and family to join us. We might consider a delegation of regional Trade Unions and other activists to Palestine in the near future.

27/6/2014 Wolverhampton

After Kerry: what next for peace and justice in Palestine?

SPEAKERS: Kamel Hawwash (West Midlands Palestine Community Association and Vice Chair of Palestine Solidarity Campaign) Rob Marris (Prospective Labour Party Candidate for Wolverhampton South West)

The meeting will reflect on the end of the Kerry-led peace talks in the light of the US Secretary of State concluding remarks ‘Israel could become an Apartheid state’. Kamel Hawwash is a leading Palestinian in the West Midlands will report on what is happening inside the occupied territories and examining how the solidarity movement should respond.

Rob Marris campaigned relentlessly for Palestine when he was last an MP and will be exploring Labour Party policy in the middle east if the Palestine Solidarity Movement can influence a future Labour Government.

7.30pm (refreshments and craft stall from 7:00pm)

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